November 17, 2014

There Will Be Cheese!

Nicholas and I are going skiing in the Alps this New Year's Eve and I'm very excited. Mainly for the apre ski but also to throw myself down a snowy mountain. And also for the melted cheese--LOTS(!) of melted cheese. It's basically the only reason I agreed to go somewhere cold for New Years; because there will be cheese.

But here's my dilemma: I'm not so great with winter wear. I basically wear big sweaters and leggings on those days full of snow but I now realize that's not going to be enough protection as I catapult down a slope. So, I've been doing research and now know a bit about ski-wear. 

First, I bought myself a used pair of Bogner ski pants (they're more fitted like leggings as opposed to big and bulky ski pants) on Ebay and am planning on wearing my Canada Goose up top. Secretly, I just want to wear a chunky ski sweater up top but I'm told I'll be wet and miserable.

But guys, I still need help! Any advice on what to wear?!

October 24, 2014

Is There Anybody Out There?

Is anyone out there? I mean, I know a few of you are--I have a visitor tracker (don't worry, I can't see who you are just what country you're reading from) and I'm really thankful you're still reading. I really am. Especially because it has become pretty silent around these parts. And while I always hate those posts that make excuses for the lack of posts, I thought I'd offer an explanation. And maybe even get some feedback?

See, I now work a full-time job which I really love. I get to be creative, am surrounded by awesome people and get to create things for a very respected publication. By the end of the day though, I'm drained--both physically and creatively. Which kind of sucks because I used to channel about 80% of my thoughts and creativity into this blog. And now I give almost 100% exclusively to Bon Appetit. When I get home, the last thing I want to open is Photoshop, or look at another damn image!

All that--mixed with the fact that the internet (I believe!) is over blogs, which I totally get--has me questioning what I'm really doing here. And where do I go from here? Regardless, I miss Thompson & Prince. And while I may be tooting my own horn here, I really felt like I had a lot of good things to say, show and contribute to the interwebs. 

Painting: "Oiseaux" by Georges Braque France

October 9, 2014

OM, what?

I have a problem. One I'm sure your familiar with. I want to exercise and I want to be fit but I just haven't found my way of doing it. That is, I can't really find a form of exercise I love. For the past two years, I've been praciticing yoga on and off. I love the stretch but really hate the scene. To me, the yoga culture in New York is somewhat cult-like; instructors become idols and it feels like everyone is just trying to show off how they can hold their handstand for like, half a second. Congratulations! For a while, I was just trying to look past all of the hulabaloo but it bothered me so much that it kind of turned me off to the whole thing. At home, I stretch on Nico's yoga mat but still want something more. Essentially, I want to really be in love and comitted to a health and fitness routine but I just don't know where to begin. Any advice?

"Stretching" by Emily Isabella.

September 24, 2014

DELPOZO SPRING 2015 & A Note On Tulle

As I was enjoying the infinite scroll on my Instagram this morning, I came cross Delpozo's Spring 2015 collection. I'm a fan of tulle in every shape and form but especially when it's adorned with ornamental leaves, flowers, etc. Naturally, Delpozo's collection spoke to me because of the balance the collection finds between masculine and feminine. Masculine shapes like collard shirts are brought back to a feminine state by the use of tulle, muted tones, and appliqué. Quite beautiful, I think! 

View the full collection at

September 20, 2014

My Pet Caterpillar(s)

I very clearly remember the bathroom in our apartment by Dadeland Mall. It was a standard jack-and-jill bathroom whose walls heard the screams of a pain that up until that moment, I had never experienced. As my mom warmed the wax, applied it to the supposed-to-be negative space between my two brows, my body tensed up anticipating the pain. My sister giggled. Aaaand pull! WAPASH! The pain! The horror! I looked in the mirror. My uni-brow was gone! Amazing! For the rest of my youth, we'd repeat this process every other week. If I was really unlucky, she'd go for the space under my brows but above my lids. What I liked to call the death zone.

Before my years of waxing. Those years' solution? Blunt bangs.

Although I hated every moment of this pain it was a total necessity. Untouched, my brows resemebled those fuzzy catepillars that infiltrate your backyard garden in the spring. Had I not endured the pain, I'm pretty sure my brows would have made like a New York City scaffold and blocked all the light causing a dark shadow to be cast upon my whole view! Besides, this was the 90s when your popularity was somehow contingent upon the thiness of your eyebrows.

So why do I bring this up? Well, earlier today I was reading the Facebook comments of this Refinery 29 article. Instead of making some snarky comment about how the before and after pictures look absolutely the same (sorry but they do!) one commenter named Hollie wrote:

"These ppl should be more worried about their caterpillar eye brows than their skin.. Just saying… Lol"
Her comment got to me! Specifically because the models' eyebrows were not even that caterpillar-y and tt brought back those memories I recounted in my first paragraph. So like any good Millenial, I clicked on her name and took a look at her Facebook pictures trying to find something wrong with her. Right away, I noticed her eyebrows were thinner than the new iPhone 6 and had as much space in between them as that Dave Mathews Band song always talks about.

I thought about replying to her comment with something just as snarky but I didn't; instead I decided to write this post. And it got me thinking. So what if those model's eyebrows were fuzzy and brown? That's the way they they were meant to be--on their face and you know what, they look great. Same goes for me. Two years ago, I  decided to stop waxing my brows and only use a tweezer to clean them up. And for the first time in my life, I'm actually happy with my brows. They're the size they were meant to be and although after years of waxing my uni-brow has kind of dissapeared, I love my bushy brows! As for Hollie, her brows were meant to be thin and separated--that's why they grow that way and I'm thinking we should all love thy brows! No matter what shape, no matter what size.  Thankfully though, I have a trend to back my naturally thick brows up.

Top photo by Bon Appetit staff photographer, Alex Lau. That's my hand working on the Chairman's brows. 

September 16, 2014

High Versus Low

Welcome to my age-old dilemma. The one where I debate the pros and cons of buying sometimes designer, always expensive, higher-end clothing. Is it worth it? Let's discus..

Although my salary leaves me with little $$ to go shopping at Creatures of Comfort, I can't help but feel attracted to the silhouettes and fabrics that contemporary/high end designers put out. Every time I walk into Barney's there's one item I always think about splurging on. Problem is, I can't help but think about the fact that it's $400 and who knows how many times I'll wear it before it goes out of style?

That's not to say I don't love shopping at High Street stores. However, my thought process is a bit different there. Shops like Zara and H&M are great for really trendy pieces like heather gray sweatpants and tulle tutus. I drop $70 and it's like I have a whole new closet. Sill, multiple transactions of $70 eventually adds up to $400. Instead of buying the sweatpants and tulle tutus that'll only be in fashion for a month, why not splurge on that perfectly boxy dress by A.P.C?

And so, I really battle with this; should I limit my spending to more expensive, quality pieces that will last me a lifetime (or so I hope. But quality control is a different conversation that deserves its own post)? Or should I get over my attraction to Barney's and buy more trendy pieces, more often and just shop by trends.

Lately, I've been doing a mix with more of a focus on higher-end. For so long, I found myself buying things from H&M and Zara and only wearing them once or twice before I was over them. My recently purchased Rachel Comey dress which was more than it should be (even on sale!) is classic and well-made. Although I can't decide if I find myself wearing it more than twice because it cost so damn much!

What's your take?

September 3, 2014

The Unwanted Tenant

The other day I woke up with a giant pimple on my upper cheek. It was the size of Russia, as red as a cherry pie and quite noticeable. Having about an hour to get ready for work, I spent the next fifty minutes cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing hoping that a clean, polished face was the answer to ridding myself of the behemoth that had taken up residence on my face.

Days passed and though I kept a strict face-washing schedule, my pimple proved harder to evict than a squatter. At that point, I decided to try something different: For the next few days, I would let go of my usual regiment and instead simply wash my face one a day. No moisturizers. No face oil. Nothing!

To my surprise, my anti-regiment worked. Although a little red dot remains, it's nothing near what it used to be and seems to be getting better. I was surprised mainly because we're sold products thinking this cleanser will keep your face clean and that moisturizer will keep your face glowing. Sometimes, I forget that our bodies sometimes really do have the power to cure themselves. My foray with the pimple was a much needed reminder.

Today, my skin is a bit dry so I've decided to start using my moisturizer again. Still, I'm thinking of ignoring my regiment like an unsolicited phone call and locking away the products. I'll let you know how it goes.